Recruiting company Petro-Stimulus was founded in 1998.

Our specialization is recruiting of qualified personnel  for construction and oil/gas industries. We can find right specialists in civil, energy, and industrial construction areas as well as in engineering and equipment supply.

After years in business and multiple successful assignments we proudly call ourselves professionals and experts in these areas.

Our mission

Facilitate business growth of our clients by recruiting for them highly skilled professionals of any level.

Our competencies:

  • Identification of highly skilled professionals for construction and oil/gas industries, as well as suppliers of equipment and technologies.
  • Stuffing of the whole departments and top managers recruiting.
  • Solutions for training of technical stuff and getting hard-to-find top quality professionals in construction industry. 
  • Deep knowledge of labor market in construction, oil/gas and energy industries including salary levels.
  • Establishment of offices for foreign and out of the region companies. This service includes market research, establishment of business contacts, stuffing, and office space design and acquisition.

Petro-Stimulus membership in professional organizations:

Our purpose is to provide our clients with all advantages of working with the professional recruiting agency. We provide consulting services in every stage of the process: from selection and hiring of the right person to the indoctrination of the new employee.

This approach works really well and that is why Petro-Stimulus proudly collaborates with major construction and energy companies located inSt. Petersburg and in the region.

Practical experience of Petro-Stimulus employees is in demand in the Universities of St. Petersburg. For example St. Petersburg StateUniversity incorporated Petro-Stimulus case studies in marketing and HR into some business courses.  Also Mr. Kulikov, our Director General, taught a course in St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance in 2002.

Along with the traditional recruiting activities for the local companies, Petro-Stimulus promotes relatively new direction for the Russian business market:


This service is not just search for the office space or personnel recruitment for St. Petersburg's office of the foreign company. We offer integrated approach which includes:

  • Market research
  • Introduction to the targeted group of businessmen and representatives of St. Petersburg and regional administration
  • Office establishment
  • Complete stuffing

Market Research

You are interested in the Russian market. Your goal is to find serious partners in our country and expand geographical boundaries of your business.

However you would like to know more about what is really going on in Russia and what are the mid- and long term economic and political developments forecasts. This information could be available from the market research of segment(s) you are interested in.

This is exactly what we are offering. You will get preliminary but objective and complete market research of market segment(s) of your interest.

Introduction to the targeted group of businessmen and representatives of St. Petersburg and regional administration. 

Say, you decided to find out personally if current situation in St. Petersburg / region /Russia is favorable for your business by meeting appropriate level representatives of business circles or/and administration.

Petro-Stimulus has these capabilities and will arrange meetings with relevant representatives of business and administrative circles in St. Petersburg.

We guarantee your Company access to the complete and objective information pertaining to the prospective of your business in Russia.

Setting up your office

We've done together substantial background work preceding crucial decision of your Company office opening in St. Petersburg or elsewhere in Russia. If you instruct us to facilitate establishment of your office, we will be strictly following your business plan delivering results on time and on budget.

As follows from our value proposition, Petro-Stimulus provides integrated package of services related to the commencement of your business in St. Petersburg / region / Russia and fully guarantees quality of services provided.

In the own words of Petro-Stimulus'  Director General Stanislav A. Kulikov:


In the own words of Petro-Stimulus' Executive Director Ludmila A. Maksimova:

"I personally think you will make a good choice of using services of our Company. View us like builders assistants.  We help professionals to build their life and career. We help companies to further build on their success and reputation.

Summing it up - you have knocked at the right door!"

WE WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK!  Phone +7 (812) 325-32-91, 404-67-71, e-mail zakaz@petrostimul.ru